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Friday, April 25, 2014


Good morning too all the facebook players. Do you see the evolution of the Facebook, Last time we opened the account was to connect back our long lost friend, & now we have already added most of our circle of friend, whether is childhood friends or a friend we just knew by yesterday. Honestly, today when we post status or photos on facebook we just hope that people will click "like", I dont feel this is sick because this is what i said the evolution of the facebook is not adding friend but gaining "like", this social network is rolling & changing. we just hope we can get some "like" from our friends that we knew for years. When u are playing a game u will waste the time to up level & earn more money to buy stronger weapon. But this "like" button had become a competition in the social network, my friends will ask me why u always like her status but not my status. Secondly some friend will tell u my "likes" is more than yours now. I didnt mind what they said because we are in this social network game right now. After years of playing facebook, i felt that hit a "like" its really a support. He/she is my friend i will give a like whether i like it or not, I will click like as long as it is a positive thingy, just to show support. Even now "if i get 10,000 like my father will quit smoking or please give me 10,000 like for fighting the cancer, I know this is not true but this will create encouragement, this is will be a support, this is how we give people energy to fight or to go on firmly. I dont understand some people play facebook they just like the friend or the one he/she doesn't know well, but their friend they will never hit "like", maybe peoples that u dont know well will be cooler? i dont understand u can spend 10,000 dollar to like a handbag but u cannot spend 0 sen to "like" your friend's status. Sometime u wont understand the friend that u knew n added when u talk to her she wont reply u, maybe she got a price tag on their neck, all u can do u purchase them just like what we did in the marker.

Hit a like doesnt cost u a single sen. why it is so difficult to like your friend's work, y it is so difficult to show support to your friend that you've have already known, isnt because of jealousy? or that friend wasnt fame enough? because of this social network competition? isnt your pride is too high? or u dont have the self value to like people thing because some people are very rich on the appearance but very poor in the heart. This message doesnt apply to all of the user but it apply to many users. some people just like to being a silent stalker n so scared to go out to the light, just imagine u are in a world cup match, u prefer to be a player or to be an audience? it not wrong to choose either 1, when u are a player u play it colourfully, when u chose to be an audience, u have to go full force support.

Eventually, Try your best to like people, try your best to accept people's work, try your best to show love rather just keeping quiet.

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