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Friday, April 18, 2014

Tiger of Jelutong // A Man To Be

What a devastated news. A car accident has taken the "Tiger of Jelutong" away. This tragedy has flooded the whole internet. I know not much about him but after i read his news, it really touches my heart & i just knew that he used to fight for our country's religion freedom. I feel like i want to express how i felt about him. I think his love to the society is just like a soldier, loyal til he dies. I think his passion as a layer/politician speaks the truth of justice. I think his spirit of fight will never gets tired. It is hard to believe a man sitting on wheel chair still got the force to fight without low self confident or giving up himself, i like the photo that he was speaking under an umbrella when it was raining heavily, The way he insisted the way he is holding on really something to learn. I always thought that a successful man was about driving a Benz or get good result in the exams, In Karpal's young time he was just driving an ordinary motorbike to travel around, it was not cool at all, in the reality no one will gives you a glimpse or listen to u if u were riding a motorbike. Never end never know, Now his journey has ended. Obviously he wins it all, he wins all the glory & respect, he wins people's heart, He has left the fight but he left us the spirit to fight.

Sometime we will think of what man we should be. Fame or a high profiled man, A very rich man or a man who will always be remembered. He is really a very cool man, He got what it takes to win & He wins it with his humbleness. This is how he rolls. This is how they rock, like a rocket. Good bye to the beloved Karpal Singh. He is the man. They call him gentleman from now & forever. Nothing is forever but his contributions to the country will live forever. Sincerely thank you to the son of Malaysia Mr Karpal Singh.

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