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Monday, May 19, 2014


I had a phone interview by a Singaporean HR which was a job interview. That phone interview outcome was really ugly. i felt very angry with the HR because i think she is very arrogant.. I felt she is too accusing to ask do u copy your resume from the internet, is your college recognized? & keep repeating do u know what im asking u still not answering my question. One of a part was i accidentally asked her to "hold on" straight away she lose her temper & say: "do u know it is very rude to ask an interview to hold on, you dont need to check on the internet right now". At that moment i was really very extremely pissed off, but i try my best to bear with it until i end the conversation. After that the career agency text me how was the interview, i answered her your client was so stupid & arrogant.
I think i was so stupid, until the next day i still cannot persuade myself to forgive about this issue. I called to Singapore to look for that HR, i asked her i still cannot understand why it is so rude to ask you to hold on. We have an argument thru the international call. She keeps explaining by saying my tone wasnt so good in the conversation.. Then i asked her do u think the way u talk is very suspicious & accusing, do u know how to respect a people? i told her im just a candidate happened to try this interview, u are not my boss, i didnt owe u a sen.
Actually i do admit i losed my temper as well, i think im going to anger management very soon. at last i told her actually when u are saying people very rude it really hurts people's feeling when that guy doesnt mean to be rude at all.. I insisted "hold on" is not really rude, the word came to my mouth too sudden. I know i have my mistake too.. i didnt manage to answer your questions pretty well, the way i talk is not formal enough, maybe our culture is totally different. In my experience if i can hear a "hold on" i have to praise the lord, some people wont let u know it is a hold on & straight away put u on hold. Or some people pick up phone without saying hello, that is something for u to explore in the future. Rude is really not my style. Im not expecting her to apologise. All i wanna say is you are hurting people's feeling.
Actually im just a guy who is hoping for a better career. Everybody is working for money & for living. I just hope we can respect each other & try to understand each other feeling n need. Express true feeling always soften people's heart. Im not saying im the victory to receive an apology, i just want to let her know the way she asking the candidate was a bit accusing & suspicious. Come on. we are not 1st day to step into this society & this market, if u havent faced a real rude people before i can say that u were lying.

I never tell anyone of this story from my mouth... Man needs some pride sometime... but if we can put our pride down it would be extraordinary. it really needs a lot of courage to tell people that your feeling was being hurt.


  1. always happen to me when ppl put me on hold without informing and then i hear ppl talking behind the phone in the language i do not understand , for very long ... it's pissing me off, really !

    1. I have get used to it.... Pick up call without saying hello, put you on hold without informing, or put u on hold forever until u hang up the call yourself.... This is the world, it happens everywhere.