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Thursday, May 22, 2014

And she smiles, all the way she smiles.

I was impressed by this song. Seldom listen to "Daughtry's" song, This song get into my ear & into my mind. Last Tuesday it was a Wesak Day, i went to Karaoke, since i was the 1st one to reach, i chose some of the new songs for singing experiment. This was the the which amazed me the most from the new song list. it makes me feel i was dreaming, i was so hypnotized.

I like the video, its very beautiful & positive. I like the message they delivered in that video: Keep doing the good things no matter how people accuse you or judge you.

I like the lyric was nicely written. No matter how hopeless is the situation, "still, she smiles, all the way she smiles". I think a smile can really bring hope & joy rather than just put on a stinky sour face which makes no peace at all. Sometime even we are tense or worry we just have try our best to smile because a smile can really calm things down. A smile can bring peace. A smile can really tell people that u are doing fine. A smile makes u a positive people. Sometime i do observe did this person smile for the overall session. sometime i do observe myself did i laugh or smile when i hang out with people because i think is some kind of manner. Thats y remember to smile anywhere anyhow.

Oh. By the way Lois Lane didnt wait for superman. She risks her life to seek for superman, that is what we like about Lois, she reaches out to Clark Ken. That is y superman save this woman.

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