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Sunday, May 25, 2014


I always dont know how to differentiate home & house until an inspiring man told me a house is empty, it's just a property, it can be sell, it got a price. A home is a family, filled with people, filled with music & sound, filled with warms, filled with love. The 1st step of our life we want to have a house, we have been working so hard to buy this house also a shelter from the storm, to avoid the storm or rain to destroy us. After we had a house we wants to turn this house to be a home. So many times we have forgotten how hard to own this house, we use this home to be our battle field, we use this home to quarrel, we use this home to take drugs, we use this home to have a strange relationship with the strangers. You have to remember how hard u use to fight for living & own this house, why u want to do something so wrong to destroy the atmosphere of this home, y u want to chase the guardian angel away & let the demons penetrate to your shelter, just bear in mind each time u quarrel at home the demons strike into your house & taken the peace away, its not about who wins in the quarrel but its all about the demons had succeeded, eventually we are attacked by the demons & everyone will be wounded. Sometime we really have to lock our door very tight so that no evil can get in just like how we avoid the thieves. Sometime time we really have to make sure each small part of our home is not leaking just to make sure the peace is preserved nicely & fresh.

Something i have learned:
It's not how good is your language but its about how good u can communicate with each other.
It's not how good you were educated but its about how good is your heart, the educated peoples will still hurt u if their heart is not kind enough, all the word delivers from the heart.
Some people say as long as i see something dirty i dont do it, when i hear something rude & harsh i dont speak it, everything will be alright, i can control myself well, i think this is wrong, once u let this thing entered into your mind u will have the tenancy to do it, thats y we say we are losing control.

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