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Sunday, May 25, 2014

Patient heart

How long I didn't write good review on a movie. Oh dear, This movie makes me do it again hahahaha. This year i have watched so many marvel movies like: Thor, Captain America, Spider man. Surprisingly I personally think that X men days of future past 2014 is the best among all, didnt expect it would be that great. Im not a X-Men's fan, I have watched some of the movies but not all. X-Men also 1 of the movie which grows up with me since teenage, so will give some special bonus on loving it. I didnt read their comic books. Never knew X-Men can be so awesome. I like every X-Men movie's poster. I think the old 1 not that good maybe due to the animation was not matured enough, this round their animation really can give u a jaw drop, the old magneto freeze the metal in pieces was so awesome n paste it on the entrance to avoid the enemies enter. I think everyone loves "Quicksilver" its really a very new & fresh idea, that part was hilarious plus very cool & very style. Although Quicksilver played a small part but it really a special climax part for the movie.

I like the moral values in this movie.
"You have to be patient with me"
"Everyone will do something wrong but it doesn't mean they will wrong for the rest of the time."
I like Charles gives the chances to Raven in stead of straight away break into her mind & control her.
I like the effect they try to stop Raven in turning into an evil.
The unity of the mutant was really amazing.
They waited patiently for Logan to do the job because they got the faint in him.
Logan said patient is my strength, he has to be patient with Charles, Erik & Raven because they are so strong & ego, how to get the 3 of them into 1 heart & stop the world war between human & mutant.
Did i die in the future? Yes, but u can change it. HAHAHAHA

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