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Monday, June 30, 2014

What Is Your Strength // What Is Your Weakness ?

So he asks what is your strength? Social.
I had faced this question 8 years ago, now this question comes to me again? Is this a typical question, can u guys ask me something new? Basically i found that my strength is drinking, singing, talk nonsense. Last time i dared not sell my kind of culture to them due to what i liked cannot apply in a real life job, I tried to research "what is my strength" on the internet so that i can give them a make sense answer but somehow i tend to forget it easily because i dislike ideal answer.
Ok. After gone thru so many failure interviews, i decided to sell my kind of culture although it doesnt relate to the working field. I said: My strength is social. My social life is very strong, i found that not everyone can do this but me. I can keep in touch with all my old friends or new friends or even friend's friend. Many of them will ask me why dont u sell insurance since your have no network breakdown with anyone. I told them that wasnt my style to sell insurance. Im a very outgoing person everyday i like to meet up with people, maybe thats my passion. I would like to entertain my friends well although conflict may occur sometimes, i never ignore my friends because thats my manner. I can still find the one i dislike out for lunch or dinner that the strange thing about me, I can still smile with them. Thats y the party or gathering that i organised will never fail. Lastly i can social with my customers pretty well.

And he asks what is your weakness? Forgetful.
Im very forgetful person, I can even forget my parents' birthday or anyone from my family, the most funny thing is i can forget what i hate about my enemy, I can forget how they hurt me before. When i got many things to handle i will be quite forgetful, He asks, so what is the way to overcome your forgetful habit. Oh, i drop down all their wrong doing in my notebook, so i can record what are their bad. when i need to forgive them i would just tear out the paper & burn it in fire.

What have you learnt thru your 9 years working experience? Patient.
Patient. u will not know how patient u are until you put your patient into a test. You wouldn't know how patient u are until u get triggered, You wouldn't know how patient you are until u are living in a tense & stress situation. U wouldn't know your patient limit until u exceed it. I got a lot of demanding customers, angry customer, no manners customer or cancel order customer, all the while they complaint i will still pick up their call, what they request i will still deliver in the fastest way, I will still reply promptly to their email or their message even they are scolding. You just have to be patient for their behavior, eventually we have lose the quarrel but won back the business. We have to be very professional in work, its not about thinking how to revenge on them when opportunity comes, I say every customer is a potential, thats y, be patient with them. Of course many customers are good.

Why are u suitable for this job?
It is because i have the experience. The most important things are I'm willing to contribute & I'm ready to perform.

What motivates you to work?
Money. My most lousiest answer overall the questions. Its very direct & realistic. Not everyone likes this kind of answer.

There are so many brands out there, why should i choose yours?
Yes, this is a very good question. I think there are so many well known brands out there. What i can give is the best services. Even u are selling the best i phone or samsung smart phone in the market, if your service is not good enough who wants to give u a repeat order? For me is not the price or product that u are selling, its about how good is your service. A good service is very very important.

I have gone thru so many interviews, roughly around 10 interviews, and i have failed so many times until i dare not tell my friend, what i have learnt was not scared to being reject anymore. It didnt hold me down honestly, its not how confident i am, all i have to do is stay in strong faith, wait patiently, stay positive by keep seeking for a new opportunity.

I found that it was a bit funny because what i answered was not really related to their job scope. When I think back i will be laughing. I not sure how many people will love the culture that i sell, it depends, some people will like it some people dont. Some people 1st saw your face they've already disliked u n u will definitely out because they wont listen to u anymore, some people see your face they straight away " u are the one". It really very personal preference. So what u have to do is find the right one to buy your idea. Its not about how good is your presentation skill, is about how much they like about u. Its not everyone likes the number 1, some people like number 2, some people like number 5, so even u are ranking number 5 its possible to be chosen. All u have to do is try your best & let god do the rest... The full marks we can get is only 50% the other 50% u have to pray.

They say if u believe in him, why are u so scared?
They say if u believe in him, why are u so unhappy?

Sometime i should feel very scared but i didnt. Sometime i should feel very unhappy by turned down by people but the sadness didnt last for a day. I not a saint but just leave it to the god. Dont teach god to write about the story of your life, but let him writes about the story of your life.

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