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Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Greeting Card With Love

The cards came in a bit too late. Vivien, Thanks for the beautiful painting, thanks for the blessing, thanks for the effort & sincerity. Thanks for the contribution. I do pray for your confident & ask god to bless u. Regarding the family portrait photo from U.S with love, hahaha. Thank you for remembering my presence on earth. How many years we didnt catch up??? At least more than 5 years. Fong Yen, you have gone so far & started another chapter in life, I feel glad & hope you & baby & family are doing fine over there. I know why u will remember me because i do pray for u, u have received my calling from sky. Anyway new year new hope, Wish everyone is doing well in the coming days, God bless us with peace & joy & prosperity life. time passes so fast. I kinda miss our college life, I think we have left there for 10 years, that was part of our stepping stone, that was where we begin, that was where we know each other, that was where we grow, it used to be our adventure, it used to be our fight, it used to be our dream to graduate together. Now we have our separate way. Aw man, when will be the next gathering huh? Its happy that we still can renew our friendship visa until today. Anyway I should stop here because i still have to rush my figure drawing. Will see you all again.

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  1. you're very welcome. thank you for the kind words and blessings.