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Sunday, September 28, 2014

We Sing, We Joke, We Laugh With The Good Old Friends.

It was my friend's wedding dinner few days ago, a friend who I knew year 2002, cant believe we just spent few months together, after 12 years he called me again & telling me his big day will be happening on Sept 25th 2014, I felt kind of proud & happy to be invited because maybe he really treat me as a friend even though so long without contacting me, or maybe his people is not enough that's why I'm invited hahahha whatever.

About the dinner it's very hard to describe with word, I just can say we were full of joy that night among our old friends. I think physically we have changed a lot but mentally we still see each other the same, same level, just like how we saw & felt each other like the old time. The after effect of the party left a lot of joy in our heart. Time passes so fast, last time we were just 19 years old, we were just started to gambling & teach each other how to smoke, you wont know how dump we used to be, some evil friend will say your mom is not around no worry to try a stick of cigarette hahahahhaha. We will squat down & smoke in the school shop lot's corridor & being chased away by discipline lecturer & the long hair was never passed for enter the exam room. I remember Ramlee burger was our supper & do you remember the time we drank Teh Tarik in a Diesel gas station which people used to park lorries, Do u still remember the time was still selling 7 stick or 10 stick cigarette pack. Do u still remember Water fall & genting highland adventure. Do u still remember wait bus outside the public toilet. Do u still remember play snooker upstairs the KFC. These kind of memory will forever last in our mind because it was our 1st adventure to left home to Pahang Karak.

Basically all of us has stopped smoking, but because of this reunion occasion & without informing each other, everyone of us automatically go to buy a pack of cigarette, its really funny, I think we physically try to do something similar which we did together in the Tar college. In our team before smoke you have to announce if not will be fired with "bo jio". Luckily at the closing time we managed to sing 2 karaoke songs the 2 songs which everyone knows how to sing. After we have took all the gathering pics, I took 2 bottles of beer & continue our lepak downstairs. I know all of us hope the world can stop for a while just to let us talk cock sing song or let us have some more drinks or a few more smoke together but too bad tomorrow everyone have to work.

On the way home the messages were very busy & hot
Fat Brian said: I love you guys & u guys always the best.
Loo said: Very enjoy tonight, thanks, Ivan please write this on your blog.
Ivan: I feel very happy brothers. Thanks for the wonderful night.
Hao is always as usual: if u want to punch me, make sure your fist is hard enough to punch the street pole.(he is out of his mind always)

It is not hard for us to go back to the same old place where we 1st met but the saddest things are the people & places will not be the same anymore. I really very enjoy although same old jokes are repeated but it makes everyone laughs. Some say the moment in karak was the best, maybe because that time we still haven't got any responsible & commitment, anyway no matter where we are, where we used to be it doesn't matter, we all got a stand in each other heart now, no matter hows the future going to be, our friend ship just like a seed i hope it grows fruitfully & bloom with a lot of colorful flowers in our coming days. I cant stop saying I was very enjoy that night & I even thank my mom for arranged me there, what a wonderful stepping stone in my life. Anyway, I know u guys talk about next meet up is all bullshit, make sure you guys really action & work on it !!! hahaha.

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