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Saturday, June 15, 2013

Most Gorgeous Man/Movie 2013

Sorry, I have watched Man Of Steel 2013. If u ask me who is the most handsome man on the planet for sure i will say Superman Kal El. I dont know why i was so cant wait to watch that movie. I didnt expect is a good movie & it gives me a star struck. Im sure this is the best movie of 2013 now i dont feel like watching other movie anymore... The fighting really looks like our childhood "Dragon Ball", but is really what i wanted to see. Superman was my childhood movie, now they have transformed into some deep feeling movie. I extremely love this movie, the most impressed thing was the feeling n the flow were done beautifully. Russel Crowe was so awesome as a superman's father. Really a big different by using the oscar actor, The way Russell speak to his son, the way he teaches people what to do was so calm & steady man. He is very cool cos he wants to blend in human feelings in his son. The front part he & his wife risk their life to save his son was really compassion. Russel got a kind looking in the movie. For Kevin Costner was really a very loving man, He is a hero for Clark Kent. His sacrifice really sad. Everytime they show Kevin Costner part it will slow the whole movie down & suddenly became very sentimental, this was the beautiful part i very salute. Kent's wife who is superman earth mom was a very good guardian, she asks Clark only focus on her even the world is so big, make your world small. Very very impressive the way she asked him to stay focus, the way she wants her son to be good even though she was afraid to lose him. Anyway this movie really plays with deep feeling when it flashback the old time. A must watch movie. Dont miss it.

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