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Thursday, June 20, 2013

What Makes A Man Of Steel

Time to reveal the story since many peoples had watched the Superman. I personally very like this movie "man of steel 2013". This movie which i wish to bring my parents to watch it because it got the family & moral value. Their ideas & concept making this movie was so unpredictable. Actually a superman movie we dont really need to know who's his parents because it's not really important. But dint know when it applied on the movie make it shines brilliantly. We all know that he is a superman even though he with or without his parents. I like his father Jonathan Kent played a very important role in his life by always giving him some wisdom words. He always asks him to wait patiently, it's still not the right time to expose your super power because he wants him to carry something heavier in the future. Clark Kent was implemented with human feelings. I like the part Jonathan said maybe u should just let them die to prevent they know who u really are. But i never knew that the "them" will be his father Jonathan, he let himself die in a tornado incident due to he wanted to protect his son identity. Jonathan knows Clark gonna make it big 1 day although he dont have the chance to see it right on his face. From the old time Jonathan has been watching him grow up day by day & he knows Clark will be a superman in the future. Is kind of sad when Clark deny Jonathan was his father & Jonathan admit that he wasn't, at the same moment Jonathan sacrificed his life due to his leg was too painful to run. The feeling was really very guilty without a chance to say sorry & goodbye. Thats y he keeps his father's faith until today no matter how powerful he is. Jonathan was his good father also a hero. I like Kal El asked his father Jor El did u take the codex, Jor El dint answer his question & straight away asked him hit on the left wall, Jor El said i wanted to build a bridge between u & human, Look at your left, go & save her, I know you can save the world too. Jor El was a very calm man who can see things very far as well. About her mother Martha Kent was a very strong woman, no matter his son is superman she still dying to protect him, She said anything can be replace but my son cant be replaced. Even though he is an adopted son, they really got the love & patient with him because they believe in him without seeing the outcome.

They said to produce a good sword must burn it with the hot flame while beating it with a hammer. A good Diamond have to dig deep enough to get it. A good gold doesnt scared of flame. This is what a man of steel make of, they brought him up with passion & love, thats the reasons he can become a super awesome man with something inside. A man who doesnt scared of fire, A man with human feelings, A man who is a guardian & protector. Maybe thats the way they complete his destiny. For my point of view maybe thats the reason why they call it: "man of steel" cos we need time to produce a good n beautiful steel.

Eventually I like the info that they delivered, left us with no curiosity. The message of this movie was very positive as well. I like the opening & the perfect ending. How they set the climax & how they slow it down sentimentally. Actually I was there to see superman fly around on earth but never know the deep feeling impact hit me badly. I will rate this movie as Super Excellent. A very inspiring movie.

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