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Saturday, June 22, 2013

The Kids

My mother says her grandson is very sentimental, his godfather would say he is a hyper kid & naughty boy. A kid can be very sensitive & observant due to he is on the learning stage, He knows what u doing but u may not know what he's thinking. He will ask you why by time to time. They cant talk very well but they can imitate very well. The way they communicate is to express their feeling or show expression. He don't know Monday to Sunday but he will know u were missing for few days, maybe they judged day by the sun & the moon. Kid is very cheerful & charming, They will address u whenever or wherever with their smile. Sometimes u may mad at him but u will feel guilty for few nights because its so ashamed for an adult to angry with a 3 years old kid.

Last Friday night we were dinner at my sister house, my nephew was so happy due to it is a new place to discover. When it comes to say goodbye. He shows a sad face to my sister. Along the journey home he dint say a word maybe he felt complicated. When he reached home then he realized his parents wasn't home yet. He insisted to wait for his mom downstairs but after a while he came up to me. When i switch off the light he ran out of my room, he said he scared. He decided to sleep on the staircase corridor, he leaned his head against his pet cow n lying on the floor. His eye fill with sadness & curve his month down. Suddenly i realized a kid waiting for his parents is a very difficult mission for them. this kid still got parents to wait for. What about the kid is waiting for no one due to their parent is not coming back anymore. The heart keep waiting for some one. Flash back to the old time when my father was drinking with his friends, i keep telling him i wanted to go home eventually i wait for the last bottle waited for few hours. One of the uncle like me very much, he always treats me as his pet but he was gone too soon. Everytime i heard the song B tribe- you wont see me cry, it will recall me another uncle, so co incidence he likes the same song as me due to he keep repeating the same song while driving in KK, He's the 1 who send me to register Rahman College, I dont have money to pay at that time & without hesitation he helped me to pay it. I was feeling very thankful & hope to buy him a dinner, but sadly he has gone too far away now. I remember he is very funny & very protect his daughters. They are still on my mind because the love they used to contribute.

Eventually i hope the parents can sacrifice their interesting activity & be more responsible to their kid. Got to know what is the 1st priority. They might be waiting for you until they felt asleep. Or maybe they cry themself to sleep.

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