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Sunday, June 30, 2013

A Song With Love.

WOW !!! Andrea plays piano really sounds gracefully. The moment he plays piano definitely will be the most handsome man on earth. This song belongs to 2007. It was so perfect to collaborate with Kenny G. Very in love with this song lately. When I look into this song then i realised this song lyrics & music were written by Andrea Bocelli. I read thru the lyrics that Andrea wrote, it makes me feel that his world was just like in a fantasy dream with deep imagination feeling. The way he express this song was so incredible its hard to describe. The way he drags his voice just leave u with imagination, so hypnotized. I have known Italy was very good in music since small boy, because they knew about music like many years ago. Last time i learned piano a lot of pieces were from Italy as well. If i was Andrea's examiner for the vocal exam, I definitely will give him a full mark, no kidding. Because from the classical music class everything was very strict, u have to follow their dynamic, speed, climax, style, their century, their phrase & a lot more, im not expert with all these "performance directions". Its not the matter u like to follow or not is the matter u able to follow or not, because its not easy to fulfill. I can hear that Andrea song is very completed with all these things & he even can perform it very very obvious which is not an easy mission. He is too awesome to have the man voice, that's y he collaborates with female will be classic. We got our eye but we are influence by some pic, We got ear but we are influence with dirty music, we got mouth but we dare not sing. Is pathetic Andrea cannot see, but this incident makes him even stronger in expressing himself, expressing his music. This blind makes his imagination goes wider ... Is so blessed to have this angel voice. Very very appreciate & salute Andrea at this age still can perform the best to us.

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