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Thursday, June 20, 2013

"Because I'm Iron Man."

Iron Man 3
I drew this randomly last night because my nephew wanted me to draw he turned on my drawing drive. He warmed my engine and produced something good. I just an ordinary student in the college. I drew this at the right time because I have to post it when my friend is not producing any art work. He got the hand of god. He can draw whatever he likes and his drawing can speak his mind. So if we post at the same time, my drawing will be over shadowed. I not the person who really knows how to tell if it is a good drawing or bad. I got many friends are very good in drawing. I remember Kok Sean taught me before when u are drawing you, you need to imagine. You can't fully rely on the reference, what he said was right. When you come to a very dark reference, some of the angles is hard to draw, Some parts you need to simplify it due to it is too complicated, all these are base on your imagination how you plan to draw it. He is my Guru. I love Iron Man 3's posters. Many of their posters are very nice in layout and color. I like those photos with some kind of smell in it, it attracts me to draw it. For me I would like to draw a person's characteristic. People with some wrinkles would be more interesting to draw. Eventually I'm not the best in drawing but im thankful to God that I have the passion in drawing.

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