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Sunday, June 9, 2013

Inspired Persons

Lately I have watched some interview shows by Pierce Brosnan, never know that he is kind of inspired person. Everyone says his old nowadays. The most respect & most appreciate parts are: How he walks to the 60 & he is in the big 60 but he is still on track with his career & a very healthy & positive person. I read a book "Tuesday with Morie". Somebody asked Morie if u got a chance to go back 20+ years old, would u? He said: No. I wouldn't, because that is what i have experienced & achieved & I'm ready to achieve & contribute more in the coming days.

These days were really hard for me, When u dont know what to do for the next step all u can do is keep the faith.
All these hard time is making us crazy all we can do is dont give up with our fight.
Sometimes just feel like running away & stay in a cave to have the simple kind of life.
Stress will make your emotion upside down. sometimes u happy. sometimes u cry. sometimes u are empty. sometimes scared yourself to wake up.

Some friends said im choosy. Maybe i am. I need to judge myself 1st then i can tell the answer. Some peoples say: is not just u choosing peoples, but others are choosing u as well, means that u chose them but doesnt mean u will be accepted. everyone is choosing here n there. Some peoples dont choose because they are very generous. Let me think, most of my friends are from my secondary school classmate, college classmate & work colleagues. I think i am not so choosy because all these group is not formed or arranged by me. Of cos there will be some of very special classmates that will make me like them. Or maybe i can see something in them. or i found they are very inspiring. Or i specially wanted to express my love to them. If i wanted to treat u good i will not care who u are. If im choosy i can go to other classes to know some cool peoples but i never do this in my life. I dont get to know people because they are handsome or pretty. Because my looking is secure enough why i still have to choose friends with nice looking or rich??

Some peoples said im very judgmental. Yes THIS IS SURE!!! from antic time until today peoples still saying im very judgmental. Because im very good in judging what is good & what is bad. Some peoples tattoo "only god can judge me". HAHA its ok. Some people is telling lie & punching woman n then just throw out a song "dont judge me" isnt it stupid ??? I dont mind to judge by people as long as they are not giving a false info or condemn words, as long as they are telling the truth to give u a wake up call. If no people judge, who's gonna know what is good or bad? What if a drug addict tells u not to judge him? then we just keep quiet?? Anyway, Now then i know im a very judgmental person... im getting to know myself more. thanks for the info.

Eventually I like peoples who are positive & very inspired & with human feeling. I feel this is very important for my life because they will be a reminder or role model for u.

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