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Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Dragon Chinese New Year 2012 (Sibu//Tawau Edition)

Fotos From Sibu 18th Jan 2010

Mr Hong Kong

Tawau Lion Dance
This Chinese New Year was very very rush but rush out an awesome result, I just went to Sarawak Sibu to attend my cousin wedding, is happy to meet up some of the old friends, of cos we are still smoking & drinking together while we are feasting, love the feeling when we are together. Its good to see again because the last time i went to Sibu was 10 years ago & sadly i bring back the same shirt which i brought 10 years ago, it was really a mistake haha.

Chinese New Year at Tawau was not bad, i did spend some times with my old good friends & lovely relatives, but i know the time is wasnt enough, thanks god i still manage to see all my favorite friends. I get to eat my favorite meal with my old friend at the old place which is something i always like to do.

I told my dogs which we raised for 10 years "i just havent met u yet" when i was tipsy. Until the final Saturday which is the last day before i go off, suddenly i had became so emo i also donno why, I keep asking myself y Saturday come to the Sunday, y i want to leave if i dont feel like leaving. i suddenly feel very lonely although i got so many friends beside of me, just like what they sang: & i surrounded by a million peoples i still feel alone so let me go home, loneliness is not because i dont have a companion beside me, feel lonely is because suddenly i feel like very hard to mix with others because of this kind emo feeling. I so wish im the clothes which i left in my hometown, i also wish that the sky has a thousand of stars for me to see before i go. Suddenly dont feel like talking to anyone at the moment but thanks god i have overcome that moment. I was very impressed while my close friends send me some goodbye message when i on my way to terminal that really makes me want to cry. Maybe it is time for us to get back to work. SHIT~ i hope i can drunk n continue naive feel more days. Goodbye message always makes people want to cry, dont really feel like saying a word in the terminal because of the situation makes me very hard to speak. Anyway the gathering at Tawau was good & the wishes i have given & i have received was very happy. Wish everyone got the peace & healthy in this Happy chinese dragon year.

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