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Sunday, January 15, 2012

Chapter 1 // make a night to remember

Cant believe we had just celebrated the farewell party for Ken, time passed so fast, ken asked me to organise this party for him, i hope i dint make anyone down or disappointed anyone. Overall everything is fine just that the sound system is burst, that is an annoying part. I dont want to put the title as farewell because this is not the beginning is also not the end, so chapter 1 will be suitable.

Last night I was very touched by some simple words like: Thank You. A Thank You really touched my heart because is not just a manner but is some kind of sincere, i was feeling so heavy hearted why have to thank me, im your brother man, as long as anything is within my boundaries i am very please to help.

When Ken shared about the small minor earthquake during the 2005 incidence, i was kinda sad, time passed so fast, the time we are still so young, & this incidence was kept on our mind until today, last time this story was a joke to tell, but when Ken share about this memory last night with that kind of situation it makes my tears drop, its a very natural feeling cos we very missed the old times n we are not going back anymore thats the saddest thing in my heart. We have gone so far nowadays.

Ken is the friend i help the most, I also donno y, maybe he is very blessed, of cos he is my favorite friend thats y he got the special privileges, he deserves the offer is because he very dare to ask for help thats y the priority is always given, just like bible said if u keep knocking on the the door, the door will open for u, i think thats his key to success, another things he will not paranoid by doing some freak things or telling peoples what is on his mind thats how he wins people's heart. By the way, i miss u finally.


  1. ken said when he read this, it made his teardrops fall from his guitar. a very sincere post for a bro. please help me write something like this in my blog for ken too. haha.

    1. u can write something u like to... which is something from u haha....