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Sunday, January 8, 2012

The Reunited Jan 2012

This few days suddenly i was back to the Backstreet boys era, suddenly we are still using the roll film camera, all our memories is shown on a real foto but not on facebook, suddenly we are stuck in the young & wild & free era. We are so naive until we do everything with i want it that way. We used to leave Louis Vuitton behind & live with "No Fear" wallet. Used to Proton can bring us a lot of joy but not a BMW, used to be a very real person before we getting fake. Used to "connecting people" before the i-phone make the world mute. We gotta hold this on before we get lost, dont influence by the trend but be the 1 to lead the trend. Not stuck in the past, the things which this few days reminded me.

Normally Dec to Jan is a very very busy month, cant really say full force busy on work, the main busy thing is to gathering, this kind of time is for us to feast. Dec has gone so fast because of the pack entertainment, 1 of my best friend also just left today, he was my Tawau friends but now he has moved to other country. Use to be very very brother in Tawau when i was a teenager until i am a man, I cant finish telling in here, even ask me to simplify it i also donno where to start or where to end. Im know i was a bit lost cos i've been mixing too many west sided friends in KL, it makes me forget about my old friends, but this few days it did remind me when we are in Tawau, everynight we go out to supper together no matter what, i remember we got huge gang. It also remind me im from Tawau, it makes me miss my hometown, it reminded me my old high school, i remember every morning we will eat san nyuk mian no matter what, haih this kind of memory really makes my tears drop. Although we got no time to talk about our old time, this kind of memory is locked inside our heart. i did examine about myself overall did i entertain my friend well, cos its not everyday we can meet & we cant go back to the past anymore, the past is awesome, but i hope my entertain is amazing this time, hope i do remember to smile all time while we are together but not a impatient sour face. if not i will live with regret. Last time the way we walk on the street is so simple n natural, hope we don't forget the simple things we have if not there will be no meaning to being happy anymore. Hanging out with my hometown friends also will heard a lot of my local hakka, is always makes me laugh, i've been talking too much west sided dialect, it makes my mother tongue goes poorer. We got no choice, everywhere got different culture, that is a sth to learn n sth to give up.


  1. i feel exactly the same when i'm in kk! too much west side can kill us. so must know where we are from haha.

  2. Yes. Anyway, actually i write until halfway i fell asleep, so the 1 u red is a imcomplete version by backstreet boy.

  3. Fantastic and awesome....i love it
    Ivan- Thank you so much bro, I did not realize my visit will brought that much memories back between us n our pass...when u mentioned from young till become Man...this is interesting...did I do something to make u become man...hahah
    anyway I am much much appreciated for the time and efforts during last week gathering...very enjoy and happy....I'll never forget u my brother...now until forever....u make my tears drop today....