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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Difficulties Of Dec 2011

December is normally is a best time to feast but I've been having some problems with my Jan 2012 schedule. Is really really very angry n very fucked me up, too many unsmooth shit happened. My flight to Sarawak has been changed to a time which does not fit me, & my leave application had been rejected by my boss, flight timing remain pending it makes me cannot apply leave n also cant even buy my return ticket too. I take the trouble to go subang terminal purposely to make the amendment, the staff ask me to wait at home due to he need to make a request to the management, but after few days I called him but he keep saying tomorrow or will call me back in 5 minutes. I already very very rage with fire burning cos all my plans are hanging n the date line is getting very close. At last i dont want to wait the staff anymore, i went there straight away to find the staff again then only on the spot he help me to amend the flight timing, i dont understand why this staff want me to appear in front of him then he willing to amend it for me, i should be very angry & fucking him but i didnt i also donno wheres my fire gone haha maybe anger wont solve problems... after settle the ticket is time for me to apply leave again, eventually i got approved with 2 days leave instead of 3 days leave early on, i event argue with my boss why he dont approve my leave at the 1st place so my relationship with my boss is no more good. Anyway things already happened just leave it to god. I told my family that my boss declined my leave for attend the sarawak cousin wedding, my dad said: if not convenient just canceled the trip. I said: No, i wont, i have decided to go & i wont cancel because of the leave & ticket problem.....
sometimes the problem is not u have promised people, the most biggest problem is u have promised yourself, I dont want to give excuse to myself & i dont want to lost faith on myself. i know its stubborn but i just dont care. This kind of issued really mess my christmas up but anyway we still need to thanks thanks thanks.

I even message my friend by saying im very sad. I remember few years ago I called my best friend that I was very sad, I ask him to find me by tomorrow, but when i called him on the next day, He was in the middle of tea session outside & he dint inform me that he is not free & I was so disappointed, so after that time i never tell him about my feeling. This time around I tell my another close friend that I'm very sad please come out to keep me company, straight away he called me up n asked what happened to you, of cos we just talk about the issue for 5 minutes but thats enough at least got someone who listen to me & console me.

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