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Thursday, December 1, 2011

Something to share

On Wednesday evening, I was rushing to a bar due to my friends are waiting there. before the chill section on, i went for a quick dinner which was 3 sticks of luk luk around the station 1. Coincidentally I met my ex lecturer, actually i met him before last sat at the North side, I feel like want to pretend I'm not there n go but in the mean time the only 2 customer are me n him so i cant escape, I have to say Hi, how are u, what a coincidence to see u here, thats where the real conversation begun. Although I met him last Sat, we dont have any conversation at all but this time our topic is into another stage, it is about work. i cant believe last time i use to talk to him as a student, now i talk to him as a friends. But in my heart he is still my lecturer maybe i have get used to it, but i like the way he shared his story, he can put his pride down to share his difficulties even though he is my lecturer before, the sharing makes me stay. He said use an Apple laptop as a cash deposit is kinda sad, borrow money from the x is a shame. I asked him why dont u quit teaching since u are so busy, he said my ambitious is become a lecturer that's why until today im still holding on, i was impressed by that spirit, he said last time he need the job n the college kindly offered him, now he refuse to quit is because he dont want to forget the courtesy which people used to offer. My lecturer really a man with feeling & honest is in his hand haha.

I kindly advised him: hectic life to earn money makes no meaning, it destroy your health also destroy your sleep, everything is damaged badly. I started to wonder, everyman use to said we work just to rise our family, if today u work just to rise your bank account's figure, maybe u need to recheck are u out of your direction? i mean if the target u set u have already achieved, that should be a enough for the mean time. if got no satisfaction how to be happy, sometimes i ask my friend why u want to earn so much money they can't really elaborate why, sometimes i want to ask my country how much corruption then u enough? the answer is they never know how to enough, give them a sky also useless.

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