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Sunday, December 18, 2011

Catch The Invisible Call

Some peoples like to share about their own story, cos they really thought sharing is caring, actually i dont really agree sharing is caring. if u want to care about your friends or love 1, it is so easy. just a simple "how are u honey?" or "how's life my friend?" just that simple. But some of them just bother to tell their story, other than that is non of their business cos they are expert until can teach god what to do. What I've learned from last Sunday mass was: sometimes we just need some quiet time to make our mind clear, just like a refreshment. We need some quiet time to hear the calling: Calling of love. Calling of care. Calling to share from god. Or your friends may have some troubles which want for your opinions, if too noisy or u keep talking is hard to get the message. Sometimes just need a pause or a break so that we can go better & farer. Busy life make us blind, selfish life make us lonely, noisy life make us deaf. If u just living for your job or money u will forget whats the reason of being happy. The saddest things is im very free & always day dreaming. Hope god can directly call my mobile when he got something to tell me. God bless all of us HAHA.

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