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Friday, December 2, 2011

The 25th NOV 2011 Trip

Worldcup Competition: We sexy & we knew it

Just went to Penang last Friday, all i can show on above is thats all, the rest u may dont want to see it, cos we mess it up again at the closing time. overall the trip is good & safe, all the way to Penang we got company by Lee Hom & Foster The People songs. Raining time is a bit dangerous due to have to see thru the blur mirror. This holiday is relax, i like to drink at the seaside. The dinner is good with Wine & Henessy VSOP, we did met some drunk girls as well at the closing time, Chinese said a wedding dinner got some peoples drunk means that it is a happy dinner. After the hotel lobby of cos it is time to get together into a room, we bough 25 big bottles of beers, but we managed to finish 15 bottles of beers. We drank by playing games. The situation in the room i donno what to say. I only can say that: It was crazy. By the way, when i woke up in the morning i realized i was naked, did i raped by someone or i have raped someone??? I quickly check my ring, mobile, camera all are safe, but suddenly my classmate intercom me: Hey your shoes had left in our room! HAHAHA I have neglected my shoes.

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