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Thursday, December 8, 2011

Stay Connected With The Community

Most of the modern peoples are using smart phone nowadays, the reason y is because they can play their smart phone whenever & wherever they can. They may sit in a gathering group but all of these people are just busy playing with their smart phone, i cant said they abused the phone, cos Steve Gate created this miracle is for the peoples to play, the games, the apps everything is just to earn money, of cos the online facilities is still the Number 1. Last time they said MSN keep peoples apart, now they said smartphone keeps people in distance. Whatever just remember to hold the hand & connect the people like whats Nokia always say. whatever u want just fly a call, there no need everything in black or white cos our life is living in natural color. We are living in this earth but we are now living inside the smartphone world, we are not Neo inside the Matrix movie. We are no inception. Entertainment inside the smartphone is necessary but do u know that your friends or sibling got something more important to tell u face to face?

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