Poland Krakow

Sunday, August 7, 2011

GF or Cigarette

One of the morning when i was driving in my car, i saw a young couple should be from "The One College" they are walking hand in hand, the guy's left hand holding his gf but the right hand is holding a cigarette, is kind of funny, maybe he want to use the smoke to blow his gf mind. I wonder which relationship will last till the end, the left hand's relationship or the right hand's relationship??? I have the answer for him, eventually he will let go his left hand's 1 n continue the relationship with the right hand's choice, the reason why is because this kind of student love doesn't last long.


  1. ya, those college student love never last long...especially those in my class one. PDA everyday only.

  2. They have listen too many US RNB dirty version.