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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Dream the unwanted dream

I had some strange dreams this few nights, this kind of dream is something out of my mind. One of the dream is about my sister's ex boyfriend, he's asking me to some places which is no good, is very strange & this dream featured some of my hometown friends as well, i totally cannot explain about this.

Another dream is about my grandma, she used to very love me & adore me, i dont know why she will appear in my dream this morning, she has been gone for 21 years. How come??? Inside the dream i was hanging on the rope somewhere on the cold mountain, i was holding very tight with my left hand, but i cant manage to hold my grandma, she fell down to somewhere deep. I was so sad cos i didnt manage to save her, after that someone find the corpse n send it to our home, i cant stop crying when i see it... But hope my grandma is doing fine over there. I pray for her every single pray, i never miss out each time. I cant remember what she treat me good but the impression of good is still very strong in my heart & mind. I used to promise my grandma i want to become a lawyer when i grow up. thats funny cos i dont know whats a lawyer is last time. im not a lawyer nowadays, i just an ordinary guy with ordinary job, although i dint make it big, i think i dint do anything to disappoint her. I still remember my grandma saved my life once before, i carelessly swallow the 50cent into my throat while im lying on the swinging bed, luckily shes the 1 to dig it out the coin, that was so crazy, the dig has open up my vocal HAHAHA. & she has became the gold digger. I hope a circle of angels will protect her while i was a small kid, now i think back it is so indescribable, that was the kindness i want to give her. But finally she dint has the chance to joy in christian & my mom quite regret about this incidence. Its very scary to say the final goodbye to the loves 1 or friends, but hope everyone will be doing fine & god bless all of us. Please keep us safe & healthy.

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