Poland Krakow

Monday, August 22, 2011


I just want to say im very stress, tense & unsteady plus very unhappy with work lately, dont really know what to do. Everyday listen to those ugly word from those temper unstable person. On the other hand, i also very hate sarcastic words. It really fucked up the days, make me difficult, it breaks my heart & destroy my mood, its hard to work like this. I donno how strong i am but i really dislike to listen threaten word. They just like to blame so that they can feel better, this is a very unhealthy way to release the anger, if blame is the best solution to solve problem, please continue to blame. Blame is the best way to escape because it just need to put the fault on others then that people will become the misery victim. It feels safe but that never make u grow better, it just proved your personality is very low standard although u are not being blamed at the end. I donno why they so used to throw tantrum to others but they never feels better after all, so what is the point??? They just too weak to control their emotion, anger is the master of their body. So i cant do anything, leave it to god. Everyone can continue to blame but at the end of time your the one to deal with the god, maybe at heaven gate u will blame on others why never give u advises, this kind of blames really never ending story.


  1. it's a hard knock life out there but just keep your head up. sometimes, that's all we can do. and yes, by the end of the day, let god deal with them.

  2. haha. thanks.. will be alright