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Sunday, August 14, 2011

Gathering 22nd July 2011

My relatives came to KL last month before they go to HK & China, suddenly my house became so happening is so call a fullhouse. We spend the whole weekend at KL city mostly. Above are the fotos which i taken from that moment. I think this is the 2nd time to see my relative so complete in this place of KL, sometimes is hard to get everyone together, sometimes gathering need a leader to create urge & impact. Is very happy & a lot of jokes when everyone get together, i cant explain how happy i was, they're the relatives i like. I remembered they depart to HK at 25th of july 4am, so im the one to send them at that morning before i work at 8:45am, is hard to say goodbye at terminal but i still gotta send the goodbye n blessing, i dint accompany them at terminal due to need to work at the morning. Sending them to terminal is a very full car but driving home with a empty car, really sad & empty. Luckily radio no play Keith Urban- Tonight i wanna cry, if not will be tears drop on my wheel. HAHA

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