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Friday, August 19, 2011

Life at a bar

Last night drank with my Ipoh friend-Leong at Butterworth, before this i get to know his younger brother Sammuel cos Sammuel is 1 of my customer, then everytime i go to Ipoh i will call Sammuel out together at night & Sammuel will call up his dump friends, those dump friends are a bit funny & very good in drinking haha. Sammuel keep wan to introduce his brother to me who is working in butterworth, i was wondering why they are so passionate, of cos i dont refuse at all cos nowadays i will lunch or drink with the 2 brothers when i was at the North side.

Back 2 last night, we went to a new club 1st, which is Thai live band the Thai boy is good in singing but we left after 1 hour because the place was a bit empty. Then i ask Leong is there any place got some Pretty young things, Straight away leong very feel like want to go, thats y we left the bar & go to that hot place. So when i step in that place which got provide PR, I'm like what is this??? this place looks like restoran also abit feel like a Hall, dewan i mean. The light inside is dim & got a state for them to sing, So every PR also needed to sing on the stage by take turns. At that place everything is by cash, i dint bring much cash, so leong help me to pay it all & i think he has spend few hundreds, i feel a bit embarrass so i buy him back a seafood lunch today. The PR there some are aunties, they are good in singing but most of them are divorced thats y they came out to earn money by this way. There are some Myanmar girls as well, they are chinese as well, they came to Malaysia to work due to Myanmar wasnt that advance & the salary wise is very low. They just 21 or 22, is kind of pity they have to leave their family & work here. I personally think Myanmar people is a way better than china girls a lot, at least they are not hypocrite. Their job there is not dirty, just chit chat n drink with customer, But customer with dirty ideas or not that i cant garanty.

At last 1 Thai girl came over to me, shes also a PR, she is a bit big size & only know how to speak hokkiean, i think leong give her tips as well. Oh No~ i donno how to listen hokkien, but she dont freaking care, she keep telling me u are so handsome, most handsome in here & telling that im very kind cos i dint refuse to talk to her, she says some customers will ask her to fuck off. hahaha is not the 1st time people tell me about this, i will still happy cos is a kind of complement haha.

I think small town peoples are good, they are quite sincere, another things i ask Leong give me the direction to the "exit" toll, so after i got it i was thinking whether i should let them know i got it, at last i dint call, but after that Leong called me up to ensure that i wasnt in the wrong way, i just told him: hey i go it, is easy by the way thanks. I was feeling very appreciate that he will call back to double confirm that im going the right way...

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