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Sunday, September 26, 2010

The steps

Some ladies may like to marry a rich man, even uncle or old uncle or cannot erect also never mind cos we got viagra today but sometimes is dangerous for our heart to take it haha, as long as they got money in the bank.

Marry rich ppl is good, i also agree, cos u can join the luxurious group everyday just worry about LV, worry about Gucci, worry about chanel, u think u got share on LV or Gucci or chanel?? haha u are just a purchaser, i saw many of them like lost focus of their life, i think the most important in their life is LV, LV is the thing they need to achieve everyday. When they walk out of the street they want to let people know that "im fine & looks pretty fine" & i am under luxurious group HAHAHA.

I remember my aunt says the most important is find a partner who is hardworking & responsible to the family thats enough, i like that she is so straight to the point, n the meaning is there. no matter girl or boy want to marry a rich partner they just want a "short cut" in life....
But do u realize what u cut out is the most challenging & most interesting golden moment of your life, ordinary ppl has to face their challenges & how they fight for every single tiny things, that is a historic for them to remember, even u share to your friend is also a exciting story to tell. u use your own hand to achieve the things u want, u will feel happy.

Some poor people use to cheat, but is no good, sometimes i think do poor people really must cause this kind of sins??? i cannot feel them cos im not inside their shoes, but i can tell cheating money is no good no matter how poor is your situation.

Some people they became rich.. everyday also can buy LV, but they never truly happy, what they do is just telling peoples im happy everyday, they will never feel happy because they dint really use their own hand to achieve anything, sometimes will feel very empty, if want to fill the emptiness they will go to buy LV hahahahha, Sometimes life will be a bit boring when every things come so easy, u will suddenly feel lost n donno what u really interested in, what is your hobby or what is your talent all also lost, its call total lost.

Eventually rich ppl may accidentally become poor, poor ppl may become rich, who know the future???

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