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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Dream the dream

Im the guy who dont like to dream. Lately i was keep awaking in the middle of the night. Because the dreams make me cannot sleep well it also makes me feel tired. Lately I dream of I was in my hometown primary school. I was with my classmates we are ready to take a government exam. This Exam level is higher than Form 6. So should a Form 7 exam. N the classroom building was like so futuristic, My architect knowledge is ZERO but i was surprised why i will have this kind of concept building in my mind. Which is an Aquarium school which got 5 levels, all the walls are make by glasses except the floor is concreted. Above the Main entrance to the top of the building is filled with water n u can see the oxygen keep flowing up. How amazing it is. The scene that time was a clear blue sky plus the blue water inside the class.

Last night my dream more crazy. Even inception movie also defeated. It featured so many friends n also singer as well. I was sitting in a van with my company colleagues. Suddenly we like arrived a Japan's place which got snow. U can also see peoples ice skiing. & what my colleagues was doing is mop the ice floor because they want to test n buy a new mop. Is Stangesman. I saw a fountain which looks very japanese but it is a natural water fountain which came down from the mountain. After that we went into a house. I was sitting next to J park the korean singer there are some friends around as well. The phone rang n i picked it up, someone is looking for Ah yee, i know that is J park's call but he feel very embarrassing n refuse to answer, he shake my hand n said peace. N then the people call again, someone answered n pass it to him. Jay get very angry this time because the guy in the phone called him white. He keep scolding how can u define me with colors, Jay said: can i call u black?? while he was scolding on the phone, what i want to do is find a toilet to past motion. So i went into the toilet i still can see thr mirror & Jay was still scolding there. Eventually i woke up n i really need to past motion immediately.

Sometimes i still will dream about im going to high school later in the morning isnt strange, i think i need to see psychology to explain about my dreams, dream is making peoples insane.

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