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Sunday, July 1, 2012

What is Father's day // Can anyone tell

I thought I have missed the father's day again. I cant believe today is the actual day. Sometimes my mom complains about my dad and I just wish that I won't repeat my father's weakness. But the truth is so sad.. The way I smile, my smiling wrinkles, my gesture, my hobby and my lifestyle are totally 100% match with my father, that is why I always smile when I was tipsy. My father like to sing which is so I am. Really like father like son. Sometimes is hard to escape my father's blood haha. I always want to thank my father, although I did it before. I still remember my father was here in KL for 1 year to do some renovations for our house so that we can have a place to put in our home. Actually I don't really know he likes here or not, from what I see he is quite enjoy in KL. After many months, I called my father's number, you know what, his dialing tone has changed to "Daniel Powter- Next Plane Home". Then I realised my father should be home sick, because my father has left his home for too long and he just don't know when he can go back due to the work is still incomplete. It's normal to miss home but also a great bonding time for us to be together in KL. Sometimes together we do have conflicts that is for sure, if you got no conflicts with your love one it means u are not even close. But these kind of conflicts make us go far. If we live by ourselves, we will be very comfortable and free because we are living in a box alone, watch our own channel, play our own music, but God wants us to live in a community thats how we can share to each other, learn from earn other and care for each other. There was a time the thieves broke into our house. We had lost many precious belongings. My father blamed on us because of this embarrassing incident. All of us felt very down at that time. Anyway things had happened, blaming is not a solution. Sometimes I wish to tell people who is in a hard time, you have a bad day but this bad day wouldn't last long it may only takes you 1 to 2 days because nothing last forever including the problems. All we need to do is overcome these hard times. Say prayers and seek for help are a must. Sometimes our dad does something wrong but he must have done something right as well. Father is really our "the one" we cant exchange. Sometimes we hope that our dad is the man which we saw on TV, someone big. Sometime peoples will blame on their father because they are over rely on their father's money. But when you look into the mirror and compare with your father's up to date appearance. You will realize you are the young man to fight for the goal is not that upper mid age retired man. It is time to take the lead and be a breadwinner. Eventually, it is about time to show gratitude to your old man. Be the son he wants you to be so that he can stay rich in happiness. A very Happy Father's Day to you all. Fin.

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