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Friday, August 27, 2010

Story about William Yap at gate 5

26th Aug 2010 / 1:30pm / KLIA / level 5th-Departure Hall

That Day i went to KLIA in an afternoon, because my sister transit in KLIA for 2 hours so i gonna take some seafood from her which is packed by my mom, so i meet my sister in KLIA Mc Donald; surprisingly a 80+ years old woman come to my sister said that she is lost, she said she is catching for a flight now, but he don't even know who brought her here & she don't have any name or number for us to contact her son/daughter.

Me & my sister has decided to bring her to the information counter to make announcement to someone who concern, i was wondering how can this old woman can be so forgetful until who brought her here she also cannot remember, but suddenly her brain started to spin like a CD, she told us her son's name is William Yap, she also told us she has been staying in hospital couple of weeks b4 this for a head surgery, this is why she cannot recall back her memory.

Eventually the announcement was made but we still dont see any 1 coming to her, i was thinking she gonna miss her flight on the other possibility is: her son dont want her anymore then i may need to send her to old folks home to enroll for the Merdeka intake so that she can resume the rest of her life over there; while we are waiting my sister discovered there is a piece of paper on her right chest pocket, when we open up there a mobile number, my sister called & it is her son who are waiting outside gate 5, so we send her to gate 5, her son was waiting for her & they are not catching a flight at all they are just drop by to send somebody, from what i see is William also an matured man which around 50 - 60 years old.

i was a bit impatient about this incident but at last our mission is completed, i have done another good things the heart also feels better now.

My sister ask me what if i was in William's age & my mom is lost as well, what would u do? i don't know what to answer on that time, but after i think over & over again; i got the answer now, on that time i may need someone like 26th Aug 2010's another different young Alison & Ivan to guard the old me.

What u give, u get back.

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