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Saturday, October 8, 2011

Live in a Highway

Life is just like driving in a highway
There's no short cut but you can only over take the others.
We can go beyond the speed like earning fast money but eventually it will being caught.
We can go with moderately speed so that we wont feel stressful.
We can go according to the highway speed but there will be no breakthru.
We can go below the speed but we will being left out by the society.

The journey will be beautiful when the car is full of companion & laughter.
The journey will be graceful if the beautiful songs are playing on the air.
The journey will be bright if we can work under the clear blue sky.
The journey will be very empty when the emptiness is inside your heart.

Dont force yourself too hard just like u know there's a limitation for a highway.
Never ever follow a vehicle which is taller than u.
because it blocked your vision & makes u cannot see far.
when u cant predict far, there will be not future.
once a sudden brake, that's where your future end.

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