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Monday, October 3, 2011

An Accomodation 23/9/2011

I was a bit busy with friend's wedding every weekend of Sept. The 23rd Sept of 2011 of Fridays, i just drive back from Butterworth & i stop by Ipoh for a while to meet some customers, after that i find my Ipoh friends, we drank some ice lemon tea at Old town, he ask me stay 1 night, i see the sun was 100% bright & hot, the weather had persuaded me to stay over night at Ipoh since i was a bit rush & tired.

After i reached my friend's house, it is time for me to chill & rest, my sister messaged me then i realised today's is my father's birthday, sometime i really a stupid guy cos i cant remember people's birthday. Luckily i manage to wish my dad on time.

Friday night was normal, friend brought me out to the Ipoh town to have some drinks. but unfortunately we play until 6 in the morning which is a torture, i got no choice because i followed people's car.

Sat morning. I asked my friends have u ever listen to a song called: "Pumped Up Kicks" He replied: Yeah. That was my favorite song which will make me shiver. This song is about The daddy who beat their kids. He start to tell me about his family things on the other hand he prove me with some photos as well. He said his father like his brother more than him. I stumble for a while & said but you still can go fishing & hang out with your father usually & u still can call him or talk to him without any hesitation which is a very good sign. My friend was very friend with his own mom, is "very friend". I seldom talk to my dad nowadays i also donno y maybe is a bit far now. but after stay over night in people's family i have observed 1 thing, maybe we should cut off the distance we use to protect our self & left the anger behind, so that we can stand closer like zero distance. I also quite a while dint sing karaoke with my dad, maybe it is time to duet over & over again.

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