Poland Krakow

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Thru the Rain

Last Friday i went to Klang, on the way back to the Sunway mini "penang bridge", the rain was very heavy & the wind was so strong, i saw those peoples crossing the road with the umbrella turn inside out i was like cant stop laughing inside the car, I laugh is because i did experience this before, cos when i was in the situation i donno what it's look like for others, but when others is inside that situation it remind me that was me before. Last time when Subang Empire havent exploded, i went there to chill with Vivien before we go to see the Vocal artist of American Idol Lee dewyze performs, when its almost time to start, it also the same, raining elephant & dinosaur, since we are there to see the show, no choice. go to the car & get a fuck up umbrella & sharing that umbrella while crossing the road. My jean & shoes was fully wet, When the singer is singing i was shivering is because a bit cold but on the other hand the vocal was impressed as well. Last time in college time also used to run under the rain, after crossed the pedestrian bridge another 1 km to reach home. the rain was faster than me, end up running thru the rain & sang: Mariah Carey's song: "i can't make it thru the rain".


  1. hahaha! it's really funny when i think about it now.

  2. Yeah. sometimes i not laughing at peoples, im laughing myself when someone show u hows the situation looks like.