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Friday, September 9, 2011

Romantic Century 2011

Listen no R&B or Techno, only romantic songs can be play by this post. Sometimes really wish to ask my friends what is love, but i rather not to ask because i have already knew their answers. On the other hand sometimes is good to guess or to predict thats the interesting mystery. When u like someone, the moment u think of her it will make u smile by your own, u may not need to find her cos man is out of sight out of mind, but when she appears in front of u, it will makes u dont know what to do. U may feel like want to play cool but the situation makes u warm, u just cant stop smiling when facing each other, the feeling just like u are too drunk to handle the situation, all the common senses went wrong, suddenly had became a stupid boy. Dont feel like standing beside u because it will be fun to ambush u from some distance, dont feel like touching u but mistakenly im already holding your hand. Dont feel like talking those uncool words but next morning then u realized is already spoken. There are so many pretty young girls out there suddenly u feel like they are just for display, because love makes you blind. Sometimes man's pride are very high, Bring a girl out have to quality check on the girl is presentable or not, thats a normal thought but guys never bother to look at the man in the mirror... They said love wont wait, so do we have to grab the opportunity without hesitating? or wait for the world to change us? when will the real romantic century come to us?

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