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Sunday, September 18, 2011

Where My Friends Go???

Sept 2011 is really a very happening month for me, because 1 of my hometown friends had a wedding night & some of my hometown friends came over to KL to attend this big event, the video which i posted on my blog.

I cant believe my friends got the same thought with me, maybe we came from the same old hometown. he still going to those same old restoran which he used to go last time. Im the same, im a very old fashion guy, i like to go back to those same old restoran which we had shared the happiness before, maybe thats the only way to find back the good feeling or maybe i still stuck there cannot move on. I remember that night after the karaoke session after i walk out of that room, then i ran back to there but my friends are all gone, i just wish to ask them to have supper before we go home because i knew the time wasnt much for us to hang out together, i was a bit down when i see no 1 there maybe i was a bit tipsy. I always go back to the same old restoran but y i cant get to see the same old faces i only see some new faces of strangers, just like what they mention in the movies & songs, i was always waiting at the same old places, but why u never turn up? sometimes just a 3 sec appearance u can makes me happier than an ecstasy.

I dont bother how people look at me but i very concern how i entertain my best friends, i will worry whether i got make them boring or not, because for me that is just like a performance & my demand is very high for myself, sometimes it will make me think over n over again whether the result is good or bad. Even gave accommodation to them i make sure they got water to drink, toilet are clean for them, everything is right n convenient. Maybe that is a bit obsess but that is a demand for myself which i cant leave without, just like the magazine "men's health" said: man cant live without best friend, a man without best friend will shorten their life.

My best friend taught me, The dictionary is the only place that success comes before work. Hard work is the price we must pay for success. I think you can accomplish anything if you're willing to pay the price." quoted by Vince Lombardi. My friend saw this in the Air Asia Magazine.

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