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Saturday, September 24, 2011

I must comment about this super song

Normally I dont listen to this kind of music, but i cant deny, this is my super love. lately whatever song i also dont fucking care. I only listen to this, no song can beat this song in my mind lately. Although this song cant reach US no.1 but who cares. they are my number 1 for monthsss.

After Ian explained to me then i understand what this song talking about. this is a very very cool song. i will think u are a cool guy if i overheard your car audio or mobile is singing this song

I very like their opening, the way they slowly bring u into their music, is a kind of sensation that i very hard to describe, this song is always like inside a dream for me, u cant hear them clear, a bit feel like im drunk while listening, this song gave me a feeling of fantasize i think this is another level of a good music. My favorite music is which will gave me fantasize of cos not those stupid rnb dirty lyrics. MJ is another 1 in my list when i listening to him i can imagine how hes dancing.

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