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Sunday, September 4, 2011

The Sweet Escape from Pulau Pangkor to Ipoh 2011

The photos were taken from my trip to Pangkor, although Pulau Pangkor is not what popular vacation place but is good to visit. we have done some snorkeling on the sea & some swimming, but unfortunately i accidentally kick a stone so my tone was wounded, it was so surprise to meet my Pahang Tar College housemate over there, so we have some chit chat on a big stone thats the place where i get hurt. I think the best part is sitting on the the speed boat n visit around the island, love the scenery & environment like what i shown on the photo. another part is ride motorbike n go around the pulau pangkor, beside going around we did stop by some places to swim & take some nature photos. This trip makes me dont want to go home HAHA cos it is a sweet escape trip. So Friday after work i boost to Ipoh from KL to attend my best friend's wedding, it kinda waste i cant join the bachelor night & the morning session. I didnt drink much at the wedding dinner cos my heart still havent steady from rushing here n there. After the wedding dinner kenny give me a Ortard brandy, its kinda happy hahaha. after the wedding dinner im very looking forward to some bar. So coincidence i met Wendy Cheong over that club, i havent met her for some years, she is my college classmate, by the way i think we have changed i mean from our appearance we look more grown than before. Nowadays she is very good in playing dice game so eventually i have killed by her. On the way back to KL the way was quite congested, but luckily all of us are safe all the way home.

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