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Friday, September 16, 2011

Words Remain Unspoken

Somethings u wanted to tell your friends but you dont know how to start or how to open up the topic, because you wouldn't know whether they will like it or not. Some peoples will just keep quiet so that it will not cause any offences. For me i just dont agree when its time to voice out or give comments some people rather keep it silence, silences are is killing & cruel torturing. When u know u can make something turn out better & u just keep it silence it doesnt mean u are wrong however u are not doing something right as well, eventually u score zero & missed another chance to score in your life.

I read from a book(become a better you). It says mix with friends who can give u encouragement n advice, its no good to mix with all the "yes man" or those negative peoples because they will not improve you but pull u down. Dont tell yourself you're a loser that's no good, thats a no good thought, although we are not no.1 because we are not Michael Jackson but as long as we keep on track, we will never left out. if you dint bother to help yourself no 1 will bother to help u. if you lost focus on yourself, people will also lost focus on you.

Sometime i wish to tell my friends i hate people who wear color lens because it looks fake & abuse the nature look, sometimes i want to tell my friends life is not a job. Sometimes i want to tell my friend the way he talk got too much stumbles which will makes people lost focus on your speech. I want to tell my friends life shouldn't be systematic because it works like a computer. sometimes i wish to tell myself life is not just enjoying & drinking. sometimes i wish to tell my friends talk doesnt need to be indirect because it creates a lot of mystery between u n me, that is y michael jackson said hold my hand there will nothing between us if u just hold on hand. sometimes i wish to tell my friend to shave his mustache & bear because it looks like a garbage collector. I want to tell my friends go for facial to make a better appearance. Eventually I just a fuck up guy who i never learn to accept others. If everything just go accordingly to my thought the world will be very boring & no breakthru haha.

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