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Tuesday, November 1, 2011

My 11111 Birthday Party

Just celebrated my 2011 birthday party last Saturday, I think all the while, this time was the best i ever organised, The place was just nice to have some good communication. This is the 1st time i do such a big party, the big i meant is we really make this big & i didn't expect so many of them will come over, is kind a surprise & also quite a big production as well cos the beers come non stop.

Actually some of the selected friends are very important to turn up that night cos it will mean a lot to me, i really hope to ask them come compulsory, but forcing is not that right way if their heart is not open. My party was not like those MTV got million of Moet bottles & super models walking every where, everything was so ordinary. I was very happy that i have make this ordinary party to an extraordinary party. Some of the friends i really wish to talk to them especially those closest 1 but really i dont have the time on that night. Frankly I was very nervous before going there i even lost my appetite for my dinner.

At 1st everyone was very normal & sober, A friend ask me isnt a sitting over night for a dead people, i laugh n then i know it is time for me to do something already, so the rest of the night i was standing n cheers with the friends for non stop, thats the only way to boost the mood up. i dint want to knock out actually cos dint see some of them for quite a long while, but situation leave me no choice, Im total gone at the closing time.

I cant believe after the 2 glass of flaming, I really gone wild. Frankly speaking, i dint really feel embarrassing maybe they are already my old friends, they have get used to it for my style hahaha. I was suddenly singing some song i wish to listen, like: Lee hom songs & Pumped Up kicks.. It was the highlight for the party, im happy that i leave some smiles & laughter on their face. The review was good & some even said thanks to me.. i really feel satisfy & glad. Although all the songs are out of tune but that is where the joy behin. I also feel touched when i knew they do sang some different languages of birthday songs to me which they sing it crazily like we are the only 1 at the bar.. really appreciate it very much, Really thanks Ken for the take care for each time i've knocked out.. Thanks everyone for the sincerity. My biggest birthday wish is to share my joy, thats y the only way to express is to sing it out loud in the public.. hahaha & thanks god everyone is peace... At last Ken lost without direction on the way home due to lost memory, he said 5o'clock in the morning only he reached home hahahhahaha but thanks god he is safe...

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