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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Lent Season once again in 2011

This month is Lent season, & I donno what the fuck I have been doing, I'm still drink like usual, that is y, the calling from god & I got no hole to escape anymore, the knife had reached my neck. Vivien had committed me to rehab this Saturday which is a 24 hours fasting at Kelana Jaya Saint Ignatius Church. i was feeling a bit nervous but also happy, cos is quite a while i dint meet up with my SIC friends, I knew some of them are going as well so is kinda happy & I dont want to waste people afford for organizing this holy event.

Actually Lent season is not about fasting, fasting is just one of the basic way, we can do many things in stead of fasting, like doing charity to help someone who needed, or says prayer for Japan, do not get angry at all in this lent season, do not speak pervert in this kind of season or even dont sex for this season thats will be royal saluted. Just try to do some sacrifices that will be fine.

Some say: oh, it's lent season, i should give up smoking, give up drinking, fasting, sometime it make u feel that they are a bit shallow for their faith, u stop smoking, stop drinking but u never go to church that is zero. I rahter u smoke more & drink more but no matter what u have to go for the Mass. Do fasting n say prayer at home but without going the church that is a new kind of faith which is not recognised. Sometimes why our prayer never been heard is because our prayer is not strong enough, maybe u never pray in the church but just praying alone at home, the prayer is not loud enough, sometimes we not just pray, sometimes we have to do some sacrifices to deal with the heavenly father, we not just pray for Japan, but we can do some fasting for them, thats hows the prayer goes strong, when u pray at home u are just praying but when u are praying in church your whole body is praying thats the differences & a place where u can get the blessing.

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