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Monday, April 11, 2011

Different kind of thought

1 kind of rice but came out thousands of different thoughts. Lately had been meeting a lot of different kind of friends, new friends, old friends, regular friends & good friends. I dont really like to read book but i like to meet different kind of peoples, cos there is nothing can be more interesting than peoples, a new sharing from others is the new knowledge for me. But sometimes hanging out with friends have became a job for me, u need to entertain but not letting them down. Example like: this friends u need to talk foot ball with him, another 1 u need to talk hot girls with him, this 1 u must only bring him to KL Zouk club, the other 1 u must follow him to the pub which is full of china PR, some girls u can only talk love relationship with them, another girl u can only talk gossip with her. Gotta know what attracted them, that is y observation is in need.

I donno why sometimes their friend will become my friend, when they dont want to entertain, they will just pass their friend to me. For my point of view is, we must remember what good things that our friend has done, so when they come to find u, it is time to return favor, but i dont really like those friend who find u only when they got no choice, which u must follow their way as well, it will let me think they are a bit selfish. Some peoples just live for themself, they are not come to serve, they come for the benefit, maybe they will have a very good achievement but it doesnt make me appreciate or agree. 1 of my super role model is Mother Teresa, her life is not live for herself, she lives for people's dream, she serves, give what the people really needed that is y she not just achieve success but also a Saint on the earth, she some kind of superhero.

Just went to a 24 hours fasting last Saturday, donno why i felt they are very kind hearted & I really very appreciated with the afford that they have given, really very thank you to them & thank you god. It was the 1st time i read the English Gospel, feeling very special, honestly i adjusted my tone before i speak the word. The word from the priest was awesome & cool, crystal clear & interesting, he's the man.

Just now my Tar college friend came to visit me, the things that we talk is quite interesting, is some kind of adult talk but not pervert talk haha... is something about work & he told me what is the real beautiful girl & a real partner, is a bit funny is also quite true, that is something to learn...

I got a best friend in Tawau, i like peoples who are modern in fashion & modern in thinking, but this friend is a bit opposite, but there is something i like about him is the true that he hold in his hand, sometimes what his thought is a bit old fashion but do remember what ever new is always came from the old, what is wrong & right he can differentiate clearly, this is the place I salute him, he dint follow the world.

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