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Monday, May 2, 2011

Its been 1 year

April 18th 2011 was my blog 1 year old hahaha, because just now i felt like i have opened a blog for a year, so i go to check back when is my 1st blog, it is over cos now is already the month of May. I have 100 posts for a year, is not quality but just the sake of quantity hahaha. I have only 4 followers after all, i was kind of surprise just added 2 followers lately, hope my friends will go to read my blog although sometimes i also dont understand what am i writing. As long as somebody goes to read it thats the courage for me to write, i know im not an expert but i just want to deliver the happiness. I force myself to write because i dont want to do things depend on the stupid mood, because they say we are the 1 to control the mood. Lately went to 2 concerts, 1 is Justin Bieber that was a co-incidence but the concert was average only. Another concert was Maroon 5, i cant explain how much i love Maroon 5 songs since my college youth time, it is my super kind of love, the concert overall is GOOD, the lead singer Adam Levin really give u the best of the best, he gonna sing u the highest octave even though he gonna lost his breath, the effort is very distinct & they are very good manners.

My friend called me on Saturday night by asking me what time u dinner, later where are u going, now im not free, call u back later... at last i dint get any phone call at all & i also dont understand what re u trying to do or trying to tell, Eventually is 3 question marks. Maybe Ken want to find me to share about his new puppy which is his new baby, but he seems to cant find the time, maybe u can write it on a paper & post the letter to me. Do i look like a dog person HAHAHAHHA??? maybe i am, he felt very important to share this to me. sorry if i dint give a good react hahaha.

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