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Friday, May 13, 2011

If u got a chance // Would u make a change ???

When Evelyn ask me, did u ever do anything that have make u regret, If u got a chance, would u make a change? why?

Suddenly I have gone back to the past 2007, I warn my friend to spend some time with his mom cos I knew his mom was feeling unwell, but he just wont listen to me, because he is so obsess with his work so that he can very fast to be promoted. When he called me about the sad news I do feel very devastated.

Back to 2007 of Sept I try to stop myself to release the air of people car's tyres. I was so daring without bother CCTV or other stranger, i was too insane thats really nothing can stop me at that time. I just wont care police will catch me tomorrow, at last peoples has knew the truth, all i can do is apologize.

Back to 2010 the raining night with thunder, I was so angry with my sister driving without a license, I dont allow her to come go out on that tragedy night, but when I awake in the middle of the night, I realised my sister wasnt in the room, she has sneaked out to find her friends, I was so worry but all i can do is send a prayer to god, eventually things still happened, what i can say is Thanks god it dint cost a life.

Eventually I replied Evelyn, No. I can honestly tell you, if I want to do something bad, I will not regret with that. I wont make a change too If I can go back to the past, the reason why is because i got no way to turn in that situation, I know i sound stubborn. Of cos, if I have stabbed someone with knife, I'm ready to stab back by the others someday. If i sleep with people's partner, I ready to burst my teeth someday. If I release the air from your car tyres, I'm ready to have the paranoid in my heart that people will do the same thing to me, the truth is: my car's tyre's has stab by nails 2 times & 1 time tyre burst in the middle of federal highway, when this consequences happened, I'm laughing to myself, this must be my karma & this karma is like triple times i have to pay back HAHAHA, I got nothing to regret with what I've done for this case cos I've paid for it eventually. No matter what regret things u planed to do, make sure u can cope with the consequences, if the consequence will be very worst to cope, please dont even think of starting it.

All I can say is all the while god always given me one more chance, no matter how many de javu or how many go back to the past wont make a change, what we can do is pray for the past pray for the present pray for the future.

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