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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Already taken what u deserved ???

Last night we were talking about who's bad who's good among our gang. Actually i have discovered this friend has some attitude problems which make me uncomfortable, but when i share it out with Johnson, Johnson does face the same problem as well toward him. So what is the problems????

He said this guy just take take take but he never give, so everytime just peoples treat him well but he never reward back, is not that we always waiting for the reward. Example: We work in a company, every year also no bonus, u will feel that you are wasting your time, heart will turn grey due to effort had taken for granted.

City peoples like to use give & take give & take, last time i dont really understand what is give & take, i mean i dont understand this word "give & take" not the practical. They always miss used this word its making me so confuse, whenever they want u to work on weekend or OT, they will said give & take la. Common man, is not the book ask u to give & take then u always say give & take from your mouth, what if the book ask u to jump into the river? will u? They always use this word as an excuse to convince u to work. If you really got the courtesy in your heart, is unnecessarily for u to use this word. u dont need to mention the word but take a loud action. Relationship will only interesting when u give & get back with reward, reward is an complement when u got the complement u will only have the encourage to do it over n over again, this is how it roll. i feel that win your money is not an essence, but win your heart is important.

I try not to talk empty word that give empty promises which makes people felt empty. Try to say something that can fill u in & fill me in.

what u give u get back. just take will not get u far.

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  1. i think i put too much songs name in this post