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Wednesday, April 11, 2012

What He/She Wants.

I just heard this from the radio on Tuesday.
What a lady wants:

A guy can cook, it's a sexy things for them.
(I quite agree)
A guy who has a kind hearted for pet like cat or dog.
(Er. no comment)
A guy who is a rock star or celeb.
(Is impossible HAHA)
A guy can drawing or singing. an artistic guy who is very observant.
(I 100% agree)
A guy who is romantic.
(For sure)
A guy who looks like hot daddy.
(Yes for some of the girls)
A guy who can fix a car.
(No more worry for car breakdown in the middle of the road)
A guy who is handsome.
(I think this happened before christ, its an instinct)
A guy who is good in sport
A bad boy
(This is the no.1 of the list thru the radio)
but isn't it a bit outdated? I thought this is only for the 90's or teenager girls from small town. I not really sure about this.

What a man wants:

A girl who is predictable & also unpredictable
(U can predict what she wants & unpredictable what she will give)
A girl who is a good girl
(Good girl who is not a smoker or alcoholic)
A girl who is sexy enough to make u proud
(A girl who makes u feel windy when u walking with her HAHA)
A girl who can cook & can social when it needed to
(No headache where to eat every night & she blends in with your friends well)
A girl who can take care of the family
(Everyone agrees)
A girl who got decisions.
(She can propose something when you ask her to)
A girl who do not stick with you 24 hours
(Men like freedom)
A girl who is silly
(So that we don't need to create new excuses everytime)
A girl who is independent
(Yes. Miss independent got her own things)
A girl who is a model
(This is same as girls who love bad boys, guys love model but doesn't last long eventually.

Above is just some researches it might be false. Most important we gotta have our point of view & know what we want.

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