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Sunday, April 29, 2012


A girl asked my friend in Station Pasar Seni, what are u here for? My friend answered Im here to "Gotong Royong", he said in our real life we also need to gotong royong once a while. Im kinda like the answer, the answer is very deep enough for u to find out. we not here because of the trend, we are here to fight for a clean election & stop lynas. Actually they got few points for this rally but i was there to fight the right.

Dont really like the radio, media or TV news always giving the false information. Dont really like the radio still asking people: "do u think MU or MC will win? who care? which team won also wont change the history of Malaysia. They are so hypocrite & i hope they will stop practice escaping their real life & stop this kind of false info culture.

I asked many of my friends, are u going to Bersih3.0 this Saturday? They like er... not sure, but actually they have decided to go in their heart. I was the same when the question come to me i also stumble to say Yes or No, Actually also a yes in my heart cos i cant find any excuses, this is our country this is our Malaysia I dont want to escape anymore i want to show sincere & support. I was so touched when i know many of my friends went there too. Some even went there the day before, very proud to have this kind of friends.

1 of the most touching thing is when I'm in the line i can feel the spirit of we are really united. I donno what is her or what is his purpose to be here, but at that hour we all only have 1 motive, 1 direction, 1 queue, 1 heart, 1 word: Bersih.

My heart feel sour & sad cos some peoples were knocked by the police car due to closing time was too mess up. The reason is because some of the fake bersih members throw the red cons to the front screen of the police car, i know it is an accident but who the hell to create this kind of shit people shit fake members. The innocent victim have to hand broke or leg broke because of your fault. I know some of the peoples are throwing stone to the police car while they are moving but i think they are speeding inside the crowd. Not here to said whose right or wrong, just hope everybody is safe for this rally. We want a peace 1.


  1. Really feel proud to ur guys :)
    Great job :)

    1. Your boyfriend is the proudest & leader for us.