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Saturday, April 7, 2012

I would like to talk about love if u wouldn't mind

All the while i have been listening to the song "How deep is your love". This song is very friendly, comfortable n relaxing, beat is in moderately speed, the key is not too high. Yes, we know this is a romantic song from bee gees then from Take That in the 90's. Actually the lyrics that is written got nothing special but the melody make the song brilliant.

For me "How deep is your love" is a kind of challenge. Some peoples know about love some people don't. If u ask me what is love? Is hard for me to explain, love is a feeling & it needs to be positive & accurate, it also needed time to be developed. An "i love u" will never strong enough for the 1st time, but after getting thru all the ups & downs together the "i love u" will be firmed n invincible, just like she said i'd loved u for thousand years which really touched your heart so deep. Everyone got love in their heart, some peoples maybe very swallow , some peoples maybe very deep, the reason why is because if u never been loved your love wont be deep enough to share. If u've already been loved well sure u will got the clue to deliver the love. We just need some wisdom to love somebody. Love peoples with the right kind of ways, not just give them drugs when they dying to want it or give them money when they wanted to bribe, these is loving people with no kind of ways.

I felt that "How deep is your love" is a big challenge, cos sometimes we may not happy in our live or work, we may feel fear, insecure, stress or being threaten, all these are out of our control, but if our love is deep enough those thing cant really knock us down. Eventually if u got the faith & love in your heart, u will be the 1 to create miracle.

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