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Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Can you handle me

I'm very demanding hope my friends dint offended by me, or maybe they have knew it very early, they knew im a dick.

I'll check did u wear your clothes tidily
I'll check did u wax your hair well today
I'll check did u eye contact with me while im talking to u
I'll check what are u wearing today
I'll check are u nicely groomed
I'll figure out what perfume u are using
I'll observe the way u talk to check how true u are
I very choosy for the place for eating
I very choosy for the choice of music
I'll complaint the room service manager
I'll scold the waitor if i was feeling unpretty
I gave stress vibes to my friend when he's not coming for my party
I keep order when my friends want to go home

Anyway Im a Scorpio, are these the symptoms of Scorpio ???

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